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 Risk Management


ABIBL has a dedicated Risk Management team comprising of experienced and qualified engineers with best-in-class training.

We offer corporate clients detailed risk assessment of their operational assets, and advisories to minimize/mitigate risks associated with these assets.

The following services are offered through our Risk Management team:

  • Comprehensive and detailed risk assessments.
  • Identifying key risks and providing cost-effective recommendations to mitigate such risks
  • Working of Probable Maximum Loss (PML).
  • Fire safety risk management.
  • Warehouse safety risk management.
  • Electrical safety risk management.
  • Project risk management.
  • Risk management seminars & workshops.

Strengths of our Risk Management team:

  • Risk Assessments for complex and high hazard operational risks including Refineries, Petrochemical Complexes, Chemical Units, Automobile Units, Power Plants, Aluminum Plants, Textile Units, to name a few.
  • Risk management for Project Risks (Building/Plant Projects/ Roads/ Bridges etc.)
  • Storage Risks (Open and Closed storage) and Transportation Risks (Marine).
  • Assessment of management programs such as inspection, maintenance, and operations.
  • Safety benchmarking system to aid clients in monitoring their risk management systems.
  • Detailed survey reports capturing key areas of concerns and improvement.

What differentiates us from the rest:

  • Integral part of Aditya Birla Group
  • Dedicated team ensuring client needs are understood.
  • Experienced risk engineers with best-in-class training and exposure to various occupancies in India and abroad.
  • Innovative, occupancy-specific solutions to efficiently manage risk.
  • Working closely with clients to provide cost-effective Loss Minimization recommendations.
  • Comprehensive review using international standards & guidelines such as NFPA, GAPS, UL, etc.
  • Insurance Coverage Improvement/Product recommendations.
  • Transparency

An eye on the future:

Our Risk Management team has an eye on the future and keenly keeps track of new and emerging risks that will affect your assets and operations in the coming decades. Few such risks that our team is keenly tracking include:

  • Natural Catastrophe exposure
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cyber Risk


Toll free (Within India):1-800-270-7000