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 Portfolio Management


ABIBL offers exclusively designed services for medium/large corporate clients. Our service bouquet includes integrated and seamless risk management, placement and claim services. We map the risk exposure for various asset portfolios, people and liabilities putting in place the right risk mitigation tools, comprehensive and cost-effective insurance policies, and reliable claim services.

Our services include:

  1. Reviewing operations and business activities to identify various risk exposures in discussion with the client’s finance/operations/plant/safety/security/logistics executives.
  2. Risk inspection of manufacturing plants/warehouse and key business centres for comprehensive review of various operational risks.
  3. A comprehensive insurance programme designed to offer maximum protection for all assets, liabilities and people.
  4. Helping rationalise existing covers by merging policies or formulating all-inclusive package policies to reduce administration work without undermining the scope of insurance covers.
  5. Inviting quotations from leading underwriters of well-rated and well-established Indian and international insurers (wherever appropriate).
  6. Analysis and evaluation of quotations received from various insurers with recommendations on the best, most competitive cover available.
  7. Following approval, finalisation of insurance placement with the chosen insurer and organising held cover letter.
  8. Review of policy document issued by insurer to ensure that it is in line with requirements and that there are no unknown gaps.
  9. Streamlining of insurance claim handling procedure and providing operating manual/guidelines for client departments/personnel.
  10. Handling of all insurance claims, including negotiations with insurers and surveyors, to ensure expeditious settlement. Periodic proactive engagement with client on pending claims.
  11. Re-review of insurance programmes 90 days before the end of the policy period and present recommendations in line with changes in the market, risk profile, experience over the expiring policy year, and arranging renewals terms.
  12. Assigning a dedicated relationship manager.
  13. Periodic training programmes for key employees on various aspects of the policy and claim matters.
Toll free (Within India):1-800-270-7000