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 Claims Management


ABIBL’s dedicated team is well-qualified to deal with Project, Property, Marine and miscellaneous policies. Our team works towards making the claim administration and recovery process easier and quicker.

We have extensive experience in handling all manner of claims in: 

   •   Material Damage and (advance) Loss of Profit (ALOP) policies 
   •   Loss of Profit (LOP) policies 
   •   Machinery Loss of Profit (MLOP) policies
   •   Erection All Risk(EAR) 
   •   Contractor All Risk (CAR)
   •   Delay in Start Up (DSU)
   •   Mega policies, Industrial All Risk (IAR) 
   •   Engineering

  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance (MBI)
  • Boiler & Pressure Plant Insurance (BPPI)
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)
  • Standard Fire & Peril policy (SFSP) 

  • Marine – Import, Export, Inland Transit including specialized Marine Open policy (MOP) and Sales Turnover policy (STOP) and other policies
  • ALOP claims following projects: MCE, EAR, CAR and Loss of profit (LOP)/ MLOP claims following respective section of the IAR or mega policy or stand alone SFSP or MBI respectively

    We have also developed the expertise to assist our clients in the case of specialized policies from Liability line of Insurance such as Commercial General Liability (CGL), Director & Officer Liability (D&O), Error & Omission (E&O) or Professional Indemnity (PI), Stock Broker Indemnity, Workmen Compensation (WC) and others.

    ABIBL has developed strong professional relationships with all leading non-life insurers and loss assessors in India and is well-poised to provide comprehensive claim management services.


    Our claim management and service approach: 

       •   Claim process based on line of business, and briefing session for client immediately after placement of portfolio
       •   Proactive involvement in claims from intimation till settlement
       •   Technical assistance for early and appropriate (fair) settlement
       •   Periodic follow-up and discussions with insurer/surveyor/client
       •   Assistance for orderly documentation and expeditious settlement 
       •   Periodic training programmes customised to client needs and risk profile
       •   Any other specific matter relating to faster and fair settlement of claims Benefit of ABIBL dedicated claim

    Benifit of ABIBL dedicated claim services:

      •   Substantial improvement in the turnaround time for survey completion and final claim settlement
      •   Improved chances of recovery of claims
      •   Recovery of Legitimate claim amount in line with Policy terms and conditions so that you get the fair settlement
      •   Expert advice 24*7 for Corporate claim matters and assistance to prepare claim documents
      •   Post loss risk improvement suggestions 
      •   Periodical sharing of MIS and review with your team, surveyor and insurer for expeditious settlement

    Toll free (Within India):1-800-270-7000